Comments from Volunteers

“The project is also very helpful to students because it applies some pressure on to us to remember the basics. Very often we students have difficulty studying at undergraduate level because we forget the basic maths skills. Helping out at the homework classes helps us to remember the basic maths skills that are sometime for gotten.”
Dave Hoys, Queen Mary University

 OETP Tecaher and Students

“I was attracted to volunteering because I wanted to do medicine in the future and helping the community is a key part of this career. I got involved with the community from an early stage. Working with children is great; they all have minds of their own and it is a pleasure to help them. Staffs of Olga Education & Training Project are always supportive and wonderful to work with. I would definitely recommend others to do volunteering. OETP have provided us training in Child protection, Health & Safety, diversity and mentoring. They supervised me on a monthly basis and really enjoying my time with OETP.”
Moumita Purkayastha


“The OETP project is really enjoyable and very easy for students because we have already sat most of the exams that the OETP students need help with. The project is especially useful to students because many students are thinking about teaching when they finish university and this is an excellent way to practice teaching to see if it fits”
Barrister Islam Khan, Volunteer, Communications Teacher