It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to OETP !

 We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of programmes to you. We hope that your course will help you develop new skills, update existing skills and provide an opportunity to meet other learners with similar interests.

Olga is a charity training center, dedicated to providing our clients with cutting edge professional training aimed at enhancing their job skills and career prospects.  We offer all our clients a personalized, teaching and learning experience of the highest quality. Our teaching and administration staff has many years of experience in organizing and delivering IT Training, Employability workshop, NVQ and ESOL skills for Life certification and it is our task to ensure that this experience is passed on to our customers in the form of well structured clearly delivered course materials and classroom practices, coupled with excellent support facilities and on-going feedback sessions.  We are confident that your choice of OETP will prove enjoyable and rewarding, opening pathways to better employment prospects.

Our training programs are designed to assist our clients to integrate and prepare them for work and citizenship.  They will raise people’s confidence and create favorable conditions for them to move over into vocational oriented training and education as well as preparing them for employment.  We set excellent training standards that are simultaneously robust, efficient and cost effective.

We are  confident that your time here will meet your aspirations, and I am delighted to welcoming you to OETP.



Your expectation

  • Treat you equally and with respect at all times
  • Give you good advice to find the right course
  • Give you good teaching
  • Give you good classrooms and places to study and relax
  • Make sure you have a tutor who looks after you
  • Tell you how to complain if you think you are not being treated right
  • Help you to find more study or work after your course is finished

Our expectations

  • Switch off mobiles in class
  • Do not interrupt when others are speaking
  • Treat each other respectfully
  • Be willing to work with everybody
  • Keep the room tidy

Our Policy

Equality of opportunity:

You will be treated equally and in an open and transparent manner all other members of the community irrespective of nationality, religion, or race.


Any information we gather about you will be kept safe and confidential and divulged to others only with your knowledge and consent.


We will endeavor to ensure that all our services are available to all participants who meet the eligibility criteria.

Individual needs:

We will encourage all participants to disclose their individual needs.  We will always try to meet them or work or refer you to other establishments which might be able to meet your needs better.

Code of Conduct

OETP strongly promotes equality and diversity. We expect all our students to be harmoniously integrated with all other fellow students and staff. As a rule of thumb OETP will not tolerate the following:

  • Discrimination (racial, sexual, religious or any other)
  • Smoking in the OETP premises
  • Consuming alcohol within the OETP premises
  • Illegal activities
  • Abusive behavior towards staff, students or anyone else
  • Non-attendance without valid reasons of notification
  • Vandalism of any property within the OETP premises
  • Theft of any nature
  • Any other activities which may be inappropriate