OETP has been in existence since 1990 and has received quality assurance award in Study Support. Its primary objective is to enable young people (especially those from Bangladeshi and ethnic minority group) to realise and reach their full potential. The project primarily recruits and trains students volunteers from colleges, university to become, actively involved in addressing the under-achievements of Bangladeshi kids, emotional, behavioural, mental, cultural and spiritual needs of young people within a diverse and unequal society.  It seeks to empower young people to become successful in all aspects of their lives, through working in partnership with them and their families.

The following information will give you a basic introduction and overview of the many different ways you might be able to get involved and support this unique and dynamic project, meet the needs of the young people and families they work with. However if you really want to do more than just know what its all about why not come down to one of our homework club at the Idea Store and experience the impact of the OETP for yourself.

Adult Training 3 (2)hsi  

 Our Aims & Objectives

  • To enable young Bangladeshi and other communities to realise their full potential through education, work or training opportunities
  • To raise the achievement of young people within education through mentoring promote the social inclusion young people and reducing risks of school exclusion
  • To encourage and support parents to become actively involved in the lives of their children
  • To ensure that young people are adequately prepared to successfully make the transition from childhood, to adolescence to adulthood, to fatherhood.


OETP attributes much of its success and appeal to the work of its staff and volunteers.  Without the commitment, compassion and dedication of our volunteers the OETP Project would lack credibility and be unable to affect the type of changes seen over the years in the service users we have supported.  Volunteers remain an integral part of the project and will eventually be included in all aspects of decision-making, training, planning, service delivery and development. Volunteers consist of male and female members of the community. 


Stdents group


Some are former service users, whilst others are members of the community who are keen to see things change and improve for Bangladeshi and other communities. The study support/homework club at the Idea store has encouraged students to be more involved in their education. Many of our students live in overcrowded homes and have little space to study properly.  As our service is run in a library, it provides a safe and friendly environment to learn and make new friends outside school.  The availability of books and the internet supports the student’s learning.

We always asked students what they needed help in terms of their education.   We consult them on what books and exam papers they use at school so we can provide the relevant support.  Our texts book and exam papers are for children of all abilities. For extra curricular activities like trips to the park, we asked the students what they wanted to do.  We respect and listen to their voices and we address their needs  in our service delivery.

We attract young people by distributing leaflets detailing the services we provide.  We provide a friendly service to children of all abilities.  Involving children in decision making for the service we provide ensures the students come back again and recommend others.  By organising family fun days in the library we were able create good publicity of our organisation to potential young people.

We look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to come and taste a session with the young people.


 Idea Store Whitechapel,

Lab 1, First Floor

Whitechapel Road, London E1

Saturday 11.00-10 PM

Tube: Whitechapel

Bus: 25, 106, 253

Who joins students volunteering?

College, Undergraduate as well as post graduates students.
From a primary school pupil:
“When you have tutors you get more fun and you enjoy being with them”
From a student tutor:
“All the teachers were so helpful and friendly. The sheer excitement and enthusiasm of some of the children was incredible. And the amount of noise that comes with it! One girl asked me what Uni. was like – she asked if it was as big as the world!”
Clearly there are wide benefits for all who participate in student tutoring. Pupils say that they learned more and found lessons easier and more stimulating; teachers value the help the students give in the classroom, finding lessons easier to handle and more enjoyable; students feel they gain useful practice in communicating their knowledge and ideas and improve their self confidence.