It was truly wonderful to see so many children achieving high grades in GCSE and A-level (A and A* grades) and not forgetting primary SATs results. We are grateful for your organisations contribution to raise children’s academic achievements which has made it possible through home-work support, study support and mother tongue classes to achieve these children’s academic success. I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that extra-curricular activities provided by your organisation (OETP) has also played a great role in enhancing children’s learning in terms of public speaking, recitation and drama. The various opportunities provided by OETP has hugely contributed to enhancing children’s inter-cultural understanding as well as practice their home language and culture.

Wish you all the best for OETP’s continued support for children’s learning.

Showkat Khan, Principal Officer, Tower Hamlets Children’s Service


OETP does a wonderful job at supporting the children both with academic and also with social events.

After school the OETP has run a Bengali Club at Olga Primary School, so the children can continue to develop their language skills in their mother-tongue. This is so important for the children; all the research shows that children who maintain their mother-tongue achieve more highly than those who don’t. On a more practical note, it also means that the children can converse with family and friends in Bangladesh.

The children are also able to attend the homework clubs at Bow and Whitechapel Ideas Stores, where they have a quiet place to work and are supported with their school homework. The OETP has also supported the school in running classes for children in year 6, who are coming up to their SATs tests. Last year, 4 children who attended these classes achieved a level 4 in maths and English, when, at the start of the year, we predicted that they would achieve a level 3. That is 4 more children who have gone on to secondary school with the necessary skills to achieve and benefit from their education.

The children all enjoy the trips which the OETP organises. Last year they went to the Isle of Wight. It meant so much to the children to have the opportunity to be out of London and at the sea-side. They particularly enjoyed the ferry trip, it made it seem like going abroad!

Thank you very much, OETP, for all of the support you give to the children of Tower Hamlets and of Olga Primary School in particular. I hope this relationship continues to develop.

Gill Havard

Olga Primary School ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The OETP programme is sound, and very effective in terms of its teaching. It is also very appropriate to the needs of its students in an improvised and deprived inner city neighborhood with its emphasis on numercay and literacy support (whilst offering a range of other subjects and skills) and the targets of specific group of children who have been identified as underachieving. It has also strong social emphasis, providing a rich experiences for students to learn together and to learn social skills and more self esteem and self-confidences. I am impressed by their achievements. This is reflected in terms of improved students marks, test scores and project attainment.

Giles Harrison

Tower Hamlets