Olga Education & Training Project (OETP) is an educational charity organisation aimed at improving services for socially excluded and disadvantaged people, groups and individuals. OETP started in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in 1999 and provided study support in SATs (Key stage 2-3), GCSE & A-level in Science, Maths and ICT at both Olga Primary School, and Queen Mary University.

Operating on a voluntary basis, our teachers succeeded in raising the educational achievements and self-esteem of young people living around the socially disadvantaged area of Tower Hamlets. In this endeavor, raising educational awareness among Bangladeshi, Somalian and other Asian parents and children was a paramount objective.

The charity is run by a committee of trustees who work in coordination with professional staff members.   All of whom have a great deal of experience in many sectors of educational and training within the UK. This has involved working with all age groups from 7 year old to adult learners.

We have achieved this by offering an excellent learning environment that is accessible to all. It is our purpose as an educational charity located in the middle of East London to advance our community by developing in our beneficiaries’ skills, capacities and capabilities which will help them participate fully in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.  This will be accomplished by enhancing the abilities of the young people, parents and volunteers of Tower Hamlets and its surrounding boroughs.  We will achieve this by providing them with a high quality of education, training and advice.

The geographical catchments area for our organisations is Whitechapel area of Tower Hamlets which is well known and documented areas for anti-social behaviour (petty crime, vandalism, graffiti, bullying and drug misuse). OETP actively target children at risk of underachieving or disaffection by outreach work with the local community, schools, faith organisation and youth centres and leafleting in the Idea Store.