Students Charter

We're committed to giving all our students the best possible learning experience we can, whatever their individual needs. We aim to help people learn and achieve in a friendly and supportive environment. We are committed to ensuring everyone feels welcome, valued an respected on our courses. We are a diverse community and celebrate this. We aim to promote British Values, Prevent, Equality and Diversity and Safeguarding in all we do. Inappropriate behavior contrary to this will be challenged.

Our commitment to you-

·        We will do everything we can to make sure that you enjoy your programme and that you succeed

·        Always treat you equally and with respect

·        Give you good advice to find the right course

·        Give you good teaching

·        Give you good classrooms and places to study and relax

·        Make sure you have a tutor who looks after you

·        Tell you how to complain if you think you are not being treated right

·     Help you to find more study or work after your course is finished

·        We will respond to your suggestions or complaints quickly and fairly.

Learners are expected to:

·   Switch off mobiles in class

·      Do not interrupt when others are speaking

·      Treat each other respectfully

·      Be willing to work with everybody

·      Keep the room tidy

·        Make sure you understand and follow our rules and policies, including our Equality Policy.

·        Make sure you understand and follow our health and safety rules and procedures.

·        Always act with care, both for yourself and for other people.

·        Maintain 100% attendance, making any routine appointments outside timetable sessions

·        Work to the best of your ability, meet deadlines for assessments and not cheat or deliberately copy another person’s work

·        Support our efforts to keep the centre clean and tidy.

·        Use the computers, internet and email responsibly. Don't tamper with software or equipment. Don't download or forward any abusive material which may offend other people.

·        Follow the no smoking, food or drink signs in certain areas.

·        If you do not follow these rules, or are disruptive or abusive, we will take reasonable action. This can include you being barred from the course or, in more serious cases, further measures being taken.

·        Pay all fees owed as within the OETP Fees Policy where appropriate