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Olga School of English prepare students for Life in the UK test so you can test and pass with flying colors.

About the test

The Life in the UK Test contains 24 questions based on the 3rd Edition handbook – “Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents”. We recommend you buy the handbook. You will need to pass this test as part of your application for settlement or British citizenship. Get 75% to pass.

Who has to take the test

Everyone aged 18-65 has to pass the Life in the UK test as part of their application process. The official test will cost £50 to book.

Preparing for the test

We provide excellent free preparation for the official test. You can complete over 1000 practice questions to get ready for your exam. Our tests cover every single paragraph of the 3rd edition handbook to make sure you don’t miss a single detail. Valid in 2015, 2016 and later years.

How to book the test (Important)

Please use the official new service to book your test. There are a lot of fake websites which charge extra. The test should cost £50 (this price includes absolutely everything – if you are paying more, then you are not using the official service). You can contact the life in the UK test team by calling the helpline on 0800 015 4245 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm).


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