Our Missions. 

It is our purpose as an educational charity located in the middle of East London to advance our community by developing in our beneficiaries’ skills, capacities and capabilities which will help them participate fully in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.  This will be accomplished by enhancing the abilities of the young people, parents and volunteers of Tower Hamlets and its surrounding boroughs.  We will achieve this by providing them with a high quality of education, training and advice. 

Our Vision

Our staffs are made up of local residents who have a vast amount of collective experience in education provision.  We understand the issues and difficulties that many local residents have with accessing and succeeding in education.  Consequently, we are driven with a desire to encourage people to unlock their potential by assisting them develop valuable skills in a supportive and friendly environment and to maximise all our impact on our neighbourhood by encouraging volunteers to participate enthusiastically in all our activities

Our Ethos

East London is a diverse multi-cultural and multi-ethnic community.  To reflect this we strictly adhere to the principles of Equal Opportunities in regards to the educational services that we provide to the community and in our recruitment policy for staff and students. We have fully qualified, committed and caring staffs that seek to encourage and support every student so that he or she can develop their potential and personality. We show by example the importance of respect and moral values for all the people in the community.  We consider people as individuals and have a commitment to recognize and cater for their personal needs in regards to education, sociability and moral sensibility.