Dear Parents and Carers,

We have, set up this Charity to help your Child achieve his/her full potential. We realised that Children shy away from the three main subject (English, Mathematics and Science), not because they want to, probably because they do not understand them.

At our Homework Clubs we dedicate our time and effort to helping our Children understand and get better in these subjects.  The results being more positive and confident. Children. They achieve more, both in their Schools and their community as their results get better. We keep up to date with Schools standards, ensuring daily validation and growth of both the Clubs and our Students. All our staff have current DRB to ensure that we keep up to date with government Children safe guarding. We are members of the National Resources for Supplementary Education (CONTINYOU).


Our Admissions Policy details the registration and admissions process. In summary the process is as follows:

  • Registration Form need to be completed
  • A successful applicant is offered a place or put on standby until a place becomes available;
  • Admissions are processed and a start date given.

Attendance and Punctuality

Regular and punctual attendance is vital to children’s achievement.  Parents are required to inform OETP of any absences or lateness at the earliest opportunity.  At all times, the OETP will encourage a positive and inquisitive mind in our children.  We will foster a strong desire for learning that combines values which promote excellent manners when dealing or working with others.

Expectations for parents

We believe that if parents are involved in their child’s learning, and are enthusiastic about education, then the child has a better chance of success.  We also believe children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships and these are highly valued at OETP. It is important for every pupil to feel that their parents are committed to oetp  educational services and that a joint approach is taken in nurturing high aspiration.

We ask that parents engage with our school as valued partners from the very start. In recognition of the trust parents place in us when selecting us as their child’s educator, we seek to offer families a very positive and seamless introduction to our oetp homework club, and encourage open communication and attendance at introductory sessions and open events to facilitate this.


Our Commitment to parents

OETP has a committed staff, students who want to learn and supportive parents. We are forward looking and constantly seeking to improve in order to offer a first class education, in the widest sense, for our students. We look to the future with confidence and believe we provide a safe, supportive learning environment in which all our students enjoy our after school homework club  and can develop their full potential.

We involve parents in life in the following ways:

  • Parent conferences
  • Open classroom sessions
  • Eid and Christmas performances
  • Helping with school trips
  • Parents volunteering
  • Parent Conferences
  • Parenting courses
  • Parent training in ESOL, job search and  ICT Training

Parents meetings

These will be arranged twice a year to discuss the pupils’ development with their respective teachers.


As part of our continued effort to improve our services to the community, all ideas and suggestions for future improvements or any other matters are welcome by parents. This can be by writing to us or filling questionnaire. Our email is

Health & Safety

  • A child protection policy has been implemented.
  • A compulsory register of pupils daily attendance will be recorded which will form the basis of any emergency evacuation that may be required.
  • The classroom door will be closed approximately 10 minutes after class commences to ensure no children leave the premises.

Arrangements for Collection

OETP does not allow children to go home on their own. If your child needs to go home during our study support session, an adult over the age of 18 years must collect them at 1.00 PM.