Evidence-Why study support is needed in Tower Hamlets

Attainment at age 11 by borough: 

The London Poverty Profile indicates that the average attainment results for 2011-12 shows the proportion of children who do not attain a Level 4 in English and maths in Key Stage 2 examinations in Tower Hamlets is 28%. Children are expected to reach Level 4 in the final year of primary school. London saw a seven percentage point drop in proportions failing to get Level 4 in 2010-11 (Source: Londonspovertyprofile)

Attained at 16 by ethnicity and free school meals:  67% of White British pupils on FSM do not achieve 5 good GCSEs compared to 38% of Bangladeshi

  • Census 2001 shows that 76% of the school age population in Tower Hamlets is from the minority ethnic groups mostly Bangladeshi, Somalian and Indians. Children and young people facing multiple anti social problems, i.e. drug and alcohol abuse, gang fighting, obesity, petty crime, underachievement, poor literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Tower Hamlets Council 2020 Community Plan targets to reduce the proportion of 16-18 year olds who aren’t in education, employment or training from 8.2% to 6%. It also wants to Increase the number of young people from families with low incomes going on to higher education as well as to increase the number of young people participating in positive activities.