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  • Age 7 – 11 English and Mathematics for key Stage 2
  • Age 11 – 16 English Mathematics and Science and GCSE’s
  • Age 16 – 19 (A-level) English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry

We provide high quality educational support to all our pupils. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of your child. Our tutors are qualified teachers who are leaders in the new government curriculum changes from Key stage 2 through to Key Stage 5.

We provide

  • Free initial Assessment
  • Regular Progress Report


  • We help improve school kids performance and help realize their potential
  • We help them to build self esteem and turn them into effective learners
  • Tutor lead one-to-one classes
  • Individually paced
  • We concentrate on weak areas by providing confidence building tuition
  • We provide facilities and support to do homework, coursework and exam revision.
  • We motivate young people from primary and secondary schools who are underachieving or at risk of doing so.
  • We hold Achievement Award Ceremonies, sports events and organize outings.

Our commitment to Parents

  • To provide a safe and secure environment for your child to learn in.
  • To meet regularly to discuss the progress of children, indicating strengths and areas for development through setting individual targets for them.
  • To engage and encourage the child’s learning progresses.

Do you know…

  • Education is the greatest gift of all
  • Education is respected all over the world
  • Education gives you the ability to earn & survive
  • Education is the future
  • Study support boost grades and good grades improve motivation, confidence and self-esteem
  • It’s not if…’s when…and when is…NOW

Let’s make it Happen for them. Dreams of becoming a Doctor, Pharmacist, Lawyer, Engineer, Dentist, Pharmacist, Accountant, Writer or Financer can come true with a little encouragement and support.

  • The Sky is the limit!
  • Help them to reach for the sky!
  • Whatever your decision it will effect their future.
  • The Right Time is… now!!
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We welcome you to come and find out more.

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  • Get involved in volunteering as a volunteer tutor and get a job reference.

OETP can fulfill your needs, so you can make the grades & make it count. Felling that you cannot achieve your potential, and then think again. Help is at hand with educational needs you deserve!

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