Study Support & Homework Club

  • Age 7 – 11 English, Mathematics for key Stage 1&2
  • Age 11 – 16 English Mathematics and Science and GCSE’s
  • Age 16 – 19 (AS & A2-level) Mathematics & Chemistry


At OETP we build into our students strong foundations in core subjects like English and Mathematics by providing the following:

  • Tuition tailored to each child’s individual needs
  • Minimum two hours intensive support in small groups and having longer one-to-one attention
  • Inspiring tutors who know how to get the best out of children
  • A vibrant environment that children enjoy.
  • Challenging our beneficiaries to achieve more than national curriculum targets
  • Regular performance feedback incorporating advice for further improvement
  • Self managements skills
  • Presentation, debating, teamwork and leadership skills programmes, particularly during school breaks, which will boost confidence and advance their employment prospect.
  • Career seminars giving students motivation, exposure to role models as well as top tips from those who have succeeded in their professions and studies.
  • Students can fall behind and not achieve their potential.  Parents simply can’t take a chance with their children’s education and future.  We all know that the educational clock cannot be tuned back to start it all over again.
  • We at OETP believe in providing high quality study support and motivation in small groups to help students achieve distinction..

Our staff is made up of local residents who have a vast amount of collective experience in education provision.  We understand the issues and difficulties that many local residents have with accessing and succeeding in education.  Consequently, we are driven with a desire to encourage people to unlock their potential by assisting them develop valuable skills in a supportive and friendly environment and to maximise all our impact on our neighbourhood by encouraging volunteers to participate enthusiastically in all our activities.

Policy & Procedure April 2015