Volunteering Case Study


Name Nadia Robbani
College/University Queen Mary, 2nd Year Law


What attracted you to volunteering? Helping the community is a key part of my Law career so I wanted to get involved with the community from an earlier stage.


What support did you receive in with us? (Please tick)

a  Induction

a  Heath & Safety

a  Motivating young people

a  Volunteering Training

a  1:1 support

What did you gain from volunteering with us? I gained many skills/qualities such as communication, confidence, teamwork, teaching, organisation, time keeping, responsibility and IT skills


What volunteering did you do? I helped primary and secondary students to complete homework and extra work given by us. I also assisted in the ICT club and watched over the children.


What are the best things about volunteering with Olga Education & Training Project? The best things are working with children; they all have minds of their own it is a pleasure to help them. Also, all the people part of Olga education & Training project are always supportive and wonderful to work with.


What do you personally get out of volunteering?

a  To enhance my CV

a  To gain new skills

a  To make a difference

a  Help my career

a  Give something back to young people to enable them to achieve their true potential

What do you think are some of the issues facing parents and young people in Tower Hamlets? Some parents do not realise the importance of their child’s education and some children feel embarrassed/are not aware of outside school classes




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